Fall 2015 Recruitment Shirt Ideas

We see a lot of fraternity and sorority recruitment shirts each season, and each season we showcase some of our favorites to help inspire you so that you can have the coolest recruitment shirts on campus! Here are Something Greek‘s top picks for recruitment 2015.


Chi Omega Dream Catcher

Can’t let festival season go yet? Bring your daisies and dream catchers to recruitment this fall with this design that we featured on our Instagram.

cute panhell shirts

We love this quote and it’s definitely not just for Greek Week! Encourage PNMs to get involved–because that’s exactly what you want in a new member class!

Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are...is to go someplace where you don't have to be anyone else.

The design on this banner would also be super cute on the back of a t-shirt!

I love this. brainstorming how AGD could be in that. Phi Mu Sorority New Member Retreat T-Shirt Design  www.TheImageCollectionInc.com

Because The Wizard of Oz will always hold a special place in our hearts.

alpha delta pi | sorority sugar

If you’re sick of all the “not four years for life” quotes–try this one!

We Struck Gold!

“We struck gold” is a great saying for t-shirts for your new members to rock on bid day!

under the sea with ΔΓ ♡

We also have a soft spot in our hearts for the Little Mermaid–and it’s an excuse to get a little extra use out of your summer gear.

Alpha Gamma Delta is the Gryffindor of Greek Life!

We’re totally about a Harry Potter themed recruitment!

Banners | Kappa Kappa Gamma | Mardi Gras theme #bidday #recruitment #rush

We love the idea of a masquerade themed bid day! You could even have your Rho Chis reveal their letters on their masks!

We hope this helped get the ideas rolling for your fall 2015 recruitment season! What’s the best recruitment shirt you’ve ever seen?

-Michelle Giuseffi

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Famous Greeks Part XXIV

Just in time to get you excited for the new school year, we’re putting out our next installment of Famous Greeks! As always, here are ten of our current favorite celebrities who rocked Greek letters in college.

If “things you’d find in a fraternity house” was a category on Family Feud, we bet Steve Harvey, a bother of Omega Psi Phi, would know the top answer.

Cybill Shepherd Picture

The Client List’s Cybill Shepherd joined Chi Omega at New York University.

Comedic actor and half of Cheech and Chong, Cheech Marin, is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa.

Admit it. You spent sick days at home watching Dawson’s Creek. Did you know, Meredith Monroe, who plays Andie, is a member of Alpha Chi Omega?

If you’re anything like us, you probably spent some childhood late nights watching The Wonder Years on Nick at Nite. Well, Fred Savage, the adorable Kevin from the TV show, is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Did you ever watch Kim Possible as a kid? You might not recognize Jean Smart’s face, but we’re sure you’d recognize her voice! She played Dr. Ann Possible, Kim’s mom on the show. She was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

Kevin James, King of Queens? More like King of Pi Lambda Phi!

Singer, Gladys Knight, is a sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Little Miss Sunshine actor, Greg Kinnear, is a member of Alpha Tau Omega.

We’ve saved this book nerd’s favorite for last. Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird and the recently released Go Set a Watchman is a member of Chi Omega.

We hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Famous Greeks! Check back soon for another round up of famous Greek organization members from Something Greek!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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“You Sorority Girls Always Seem to Get What You Want”

"lt always seems impossible until it is done."

Recently someone said to me, “you sorority girls always seem to get what you want.” My response? Yea, of course we do–mainly because we know how to get it. Here’s why when a sorority girl wants something, it’s as good as hers

1. We know what we want.

In order to get what you want you have to know what you want, right? I’ve never met a sorority woman who wasn’t strong-willed and ambitious when it comes to goals.

2. We’re not afraid of a little networking, and we have the connections to back it up.

Your dream job? Chances are someone in your tree can help you land it! It’s all just a matter of figuring out who to talk to.

3. “I’m able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat.”

Okay, so I borrowed this one from Elle Woods. How much time have you spent in recruitment rounds talking to girls, learning things about them, and then remembering to bring them up when you see them in the next round? Showing you care enough to listen and remember won’t just land you the perfect addition to your tree, it could also help you land a job or impress your boss.

4. We’re not afraid of hard work.

How many hours did you put into building that homecoming float? How many pairs of leggings were forever ruined by glitter and glue in the process? How worth it was it when you got first place?

5. Time management is practically our middle name.

Your non-Greek friend “doesn’t have time” for an internship? You roll you eyes and keep walking. Sorry I have a job, an internship, class, and a chapter meeting to get to today…

6. We have a whole team in our corner.

Need someone to psych you up before a big interview or a first date? You’ve got more than enough options for a pep talk.

7. We’re not afraid to aim high.

Remember that time you ran for Vice President when you knew you probably didn’t have enough experience in the sorority yet? Maybe you didn’t get it that year, but I’m sure you were first in everyone’s mind when the next election came around!

8. We’re creative.

I never considered myself creative until I joined my sorority. Whether it’s glittering a banner or coming up with unique fundraising ideas, you’ve definitely exercised the creative side of your brain, meaning you can easily see all of the possible paths to get you where you want to be.

9. We’re confident.

It’s pretty easy to be confident when you’ve got your big and little both telling you how amazing you are.

10. We don’t give up.

If my new member education process taught me anything, it’s that nothing worth having comes easy. If it’s worth it, you’ll fight for it!

What other traits have you developed as a sorority woman that help you get ahead? We’d love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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New Greek Merch for the New School Year!

While we are so not ready for summer to end (please don’t remind us about snow!), we are incredibly excited to introduce some of the newest products we’ve added to the Something Greek website. Here’s a hint: you’ll find everything from fanny packs to sweatshirts and more. See all of our freshly added products here and scroll down to see some of our favorites.

Greek 6-inch Wooden Letters, Greek Letters, Greek Letter Decorations, Sorority Letters, Fraternity Letters

The new Greek 6-Inch Wooden Letters are perfect for crafting and giving as a gift or just keeping for yourself!

Fraternity Varsity Printed Hoody and T-Shirt Pack, Fraternity Hoodie, Sorority Hoodie, Sorority T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt

Get started on your back to campus wardrobe with the Fraternity Varsity Printed Hoody and T-Shirt Pack!

Sorority 26oz Tumbler - Lifetime Guaranteed, Sorority Coffee Mug, Sorority Travel Mug

The new Sorority 26oz Tumbler comes in fun patterns that will bring a little joy to those late night library sessions.

New Sorority Fanny Pack, Greek Fanny Pack

Be the envy of the back to school club fair with a New Sorority Fanny Pack!

Sorority Slouchy Tank - Monogram Print, Sorority Tank Top, Greek Tank Top

We’re hoping for an Indian Summer so we can keep wearing the Sorority Slouchy Tank – Monogram Print into October.

Greek Monogram Beach Towel, Sorority Beach Towel, Greek Lettered Beach Towel

Soak up the last few beach days with the Greek Monogram Beach Towel at your side!

Greek Embroidered Beach Towel, Sorority Beach Towel, Fraternity Beach Towel

Want a pop of color (or a pattern) in your beach towel? Check out the Greek Embroidered Beach Towel.

Fraternity Board Shorts, Greek Board Shorts, Fraternity Bathing Suit, Greek Bathing Suit

Soak up the final rays of summer when you hit the beach in these Fraternity Board Shorts.

Sorority Board Shorts, Greek Shorts, Sorority Shorts

Planning on playing some beach volleyball? We suggest the new Sorority Board Shorts.

Greek Monogram Leather Wallet, Fraternity Wallet, Sorority Wallet

What better time to upgrade your wallet than the start of the fall semester? Check out the Greek Monogram Leather Wallet.

Sorority Symbol Charm with Stones and Letters, Sorority Necklace, Sorority Lavalier, Greek Necklace, Greek Lavalier

We know how much you love your sorority symbol, which is why we’re introducing the Sorority Symbol Charm with Stones and Letters.

Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt, Greek T-Shirt, Sorority T-Shirt, Greek Long Sleeve Shirt, Fraternity Long Sleeve Shirt, Sorority Long Sleeve Shirt

The new Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt is perfect for layering when it’s chilly out but not quite cold enough for a sweatshirt.

Let us know what sorority and fraternity products are on your back to campus shopping list on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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Get Your Slice of Americana for July 4th!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Do you have your patriotic outfit planned out yet? If you want to show your fraternity or sorority pride along with your American pride, be sure to place your order with Something Greek today!

Fraternity Animal T-Shirt Design


If you’re planning on partying it up this Fourth of July, check out our Fraternity Animal Design, available in six different styles!


Sisters, Stars and Stripes with Bling

Want to add a little glitter to your flag? The Sisters, Stars and Stripes with Bling design is the perfect Fourth of July piece for you!

Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn on Letters

We love the festive sleeves on the Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn on Letters!

Greek Patriotic Package Deal

Get a whole set of American flag gear with the Greek Patriotic Package Deal.

Fraternity Stars and Stripes Tank Top

If your motto for the long weekend is “suns out guns out” we suggest the Fraternity Stars and Stripes Tank Top.

Fraternity Printed Flag Tee and Tank Package

Looking for an outfit with a patriotic touch for more than just one day? Check out the Fraternity Printed Flag Tee and Tank Package. You can also purchase the t-shirt and tank top separately.

Greek Patriotic Keychain

The Greek Patriotic Keychain makes a great party favor if you’re hosting the Fourth of July celebration this year.

Greek Patriotic Koozie


Keep your drinks cold in the Greek Patriotic Koozie!

Sorority Patriotic Printed Tee and Tank Package

We love the vintage feel of this tank and the fun flag pattern on this t-shirt. You can get them both in the Sorority Patriotic Printed Tee and Tank Package.

We hope you have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend! We’ll be watching fireworks on the beach in our Patriotic Greek Clothing. Where will you be?

-Michelle Giuseffi

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10 Things You Forgot to Thank Your New Member Educator For

unbiological sister

You can always tell who in a given room was in Greek life by surveying who is sitting and who is standing. If your boss is standing, I assure you so are the people who were in Greek organizations in college. Those that weren’t in Greek life probably are in big, comfy chairs which they haven’t so much as offered to higher-ups. The respect for those older/more important than you is something we’ve probably all forgotten to thank our new member educators (or pledge moms/pledge masters) for. So from our Something Greek community to all of the new member educators out there, thank you for:


1. Instilling within us a respect for our (even just slightly older) elders

See above for an example, but we’re sure all of the people who you surround yourself with are grateful for your courtesy.

2. Forcing us to jump at all “opportunities”

When the president says “I need four volunteers!” no matter how awful the task at hand seems, being the first one to step up is a mindset that will get you far in life.

3. Taking so much time to make sure everything runs smoothly

In the moment, you don’t think about this, but SO much planning goes into a new member education process. Thank you for taking the time to make it all happen.

4. Considering our needs

While you’re going through the process it never seems like it, but in reality, each program is adjusted slightly to fit the needs to the pledge class involved. We never got the chance to say thank you for this because by the time we realized it, it was too late.

5. Giving us someone to look up to

Sure we all have bigs to look up to, but our relationships with our pledge masters is very different and unique.

6. Introducing us to the very best people

Your new member educator has probably been involved in Greek life for awhile so he/she knows exactly who to hang out with, which parties to go to and which are best to avoid, etc.

7. Calling us “gem”

Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded how precious you are.

8. Teaching us to put a smile on and get over it.

When it came to new member education, you were supposed to forget everything else happening in your life and get the job done–another fantastic life lesson.

9. Being an older and wiser shoulder to cry on

Your pledge master has the best advice for everything from that boy who isn’t calling you back to a fight with your pledge sister. And you know you’ve cried to her in both of those cases at least once.

10. The advice you got when it was your turn

I can’t say I ever did the new member educator thing, but I watched my pledge sisters do it and when they ran into issues, our pledge master was the first person they called.

What’s something you want to thank your new member educator for? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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Something Greek Summer Sale

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean you need to stop living in your letters. In fact, with a little extra money in your pocket from your summer job, it seems like the perfect time to stock up on some fraternity and sorority clothing. The below items are perfect for summer and are on sale for a limited time!

Fraternity Lettered T-Shirt, Fraternity Lettered Shirt, Sorority Lettered Shirt


The Fraternity Lettered T-Shirt and Sorority Lettered T-Shirt are easily our bestselling products. Grab one while it’s only $14.99!

V-Neck Sorority Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters, Sorority T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt, Sorority American Apparel T-Shirt, Fraternity American Apparel T-Shirt

The V-Neck Sorority Tee with Horizontal Twill letters is lightweight and available in tons of fun colors making it the perfect shirt for summer.

Next Level Fraternity Tank with Twill Letters, Fraternity Tank Top, Greek Tank Top, Sorority Tank Top

During tank top season, we can’t recommend this Next Level Fraternity Tank with Twill Letters enough. It’s so soft; you’ll never want to take it off!

Greek Monogrammed Beach Towel, Sorority Beach Towel, Fraternity Beach Towel

The Greek Monogrammed Beach Towel is sturdy enough for the beach but also classy enough for the spa.

Sorority 8 oz Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sorority Sweatshirt, Fraternity Sweatshirt, Greek Sweatshirt

Breezy summer nights call for a Sorority 8oz Crewneck Sweatshirt.

Fraternity Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt, Fraternity Sweatshirt, Sorority Sweatshirt

Grab some friends, a Fraternity Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt, some portable food, and a blanket and have a night-time beach picnic under the stars.

Fraternity Printed Flag T-Shirt, Sorority American Flag T-Shirt, Fraternity American Flag T-Shirt, Greek American Flag T-Shirt

Be sure to get your Fraternity Printed American Flag T-Shirt before the Fourth of July! This design is also available on a tank top.

Sorority Printed Tank Top - Flag Design, Sorority Tank Top, Sorority Fourth of July Tank Top

Another option for the Fourth of July: the Sorority Printed Tank Top – Flag Design which you can also get on a t-shirt.

Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top, Sorority Tank Top, Greek Tank Top, Patriotic Tank Top, Fourth of July Tank Top

Last but certainly not least (it’s my personal favorite, after all) is the Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top.

Want something on our Greek Summer Sale list? Be sure to order yours before the sale ends on 6/14.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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What to Stock Your Beach Bag with this Summer

Last weekend was the official kick off of summer which means beach trips are (hopefully) in your future. You know that Sorority Shoulder Bag you lug your books to and from class in? It also doubles as a fantastic beach bag! Here’s what we’re filling ours with this summer.

  • SunglassesGreek Sunglasses, Sorority Sunglasses, Fraternity Sunglasses

We’ll of course suggest our Greek sunglasses, but we totally understand if you want to go a little more glam–you are rocking a sorority beach bag already.

  • Sunscreen


Personally, I prefer sunscreens by Neutrogena so my pores won’t get clogged.

  • A Good Book


Bring along a book to get lost in on your next beach vacation. We recommend: The Girl on the Train, The Rocks, or Enchanted August.

  • Lip Balm


We’re big Burt’s Bees fans most of the year, but if we’re going to be out in the sun, we switch to Maybelline’s Baby Lips with SPF 20.

  • Allure magazine


Really any magazine will do. Allure just happens to be a personal favorite.

  • Snacks


When you’re at the beach, you don’t want a snack that will make you feel bloated. My latest obsession is Harvest Snaps snacks.

  • Water

Greek Aluminum Water Bottle

Water is kind of a given, but why not transport your beverage in one of these awesome Greek Aluminum Water Bottles?

  • A Fabulous Hat


I’m not really a hat person, but I’ve always wanted to try out a beach hat like this one from Nine West.

  • Hair Ties (emphasis on the “s”)

Sorority Hair Ties

If you have just one hair tie, you’re bound to lose it, and beach days are quite sad without a hair tie. For exactly that reason, we offer our Sorority Hair Ties in packages of three.

  • A Fun Cover Up

Something light is usually best to wear over your bikini, and we love the fringe on this cover up from Shoptiques!

  • Towel

Greek Embroidered Beach TowelWe know your sisters have your back, but the Greek Embroidered Beach Towel will literally keep the sand off your back.

We hope your summer is relaxing and filled with beautiful, sunny beach days! Let us know what’s in your beach bag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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A Great Greek Sale

Whether you need a study break pick-me-up or you’re looking to spend that first summer job paycheck, Something Greek has some sales you can’t miss! See something you like? Be sure to order yours before the price increases!

Fraternity Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt - Sale, Greek Sweatshirt, Sorority Sweatshirt


Our bestselling Fraternity Gildan Hooded Sweatshirt is just $29.99 with no upcharges for patterns or borders (or glitter, ladies)!

 Greek Varsity Letter Printed Striped Tee - SALE, Greek Jersey, Sorority Jersey, Fraternity Jersey

Did Greek Week have you green with envy over the other teams’ jerseys? Get your Greek Varsity Letter Printed Striped Tee while it’s just $19.99!

Fraternity Varsity Printed Quarter-Zip Pullover - SALE, Fraternity Sweatshirt, Sorority SweatshirtSure it feels like summer today, but we have a lot of cool Spring and Summer nights ahead of us. Stay warm with the Fraternity Varsity Printed Quarter-Zip Pullover.

Greek Varsity Printed Trucker Hat - SALE, Greek Hat, Fraternity Hat, Sorority Hat

While we might have cool nights ahead of us, we also have plenty of sunny days in our future! Keep the sun out of your eyes with the Greek Varsity Printed Trucker Hat.

Sorority Varsity Letter Printed Yoga Pants - SALE

Do your summer plans include yoga classes? Scoop up a pair of these super comfy Sorority Varsity Letter Printed Yoga Pants!

Sorority Varsity Letter Printed Shoulder Bag - Sale

We know you love our Sorority Varsity Letter Printed Shoulder Bag for transporting your books to class, but the natural color makes the perfect beach bag too!

Greek Varsity Letter Printed Crewneck Sweatshirt, Greek Sweatshirt, Sorority Sweatshirt

Going camping this summer? Layer up on cool nights with the Greek Varsity Letter Printed Crewneck Sweatshirt!

Fraternity Varsity Letter Printed Hoody - SALE

Looking for a spin on our bestselling sweatshirt. Try the Fraternity Varsity Letter Printed Hoody.

Greek Varsity Letter Printed T-Shirt, Sorority T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt, Greek T-Shirt

Or maybe you’re looking for a revamp of our bestselling t-shirt. Let us introduce you to the Greek Varsity Letter Printed T-Shirt!

Greek Varsity Printed Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, Greek Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Fraternity Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Sorority Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Always find yourself shivering in the air conditioning? Grab a Greek Varsity Printed Long-Sleeve T-Shirt to stay warm!

Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt, Fraternity Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If you can’t get hockey off your brain, check out the Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt.

Varsity Printed Sorority Hocket Hoody, Greek Hoodie, Sorority Hoodie, Fraternity Hoodie

For the coolest of summer nights, we recommend the Varsity Printed Sorority Hockey Hoody. Also available for the guys here.

Fraternity Printed Varsity Jacket, Fraternity Jacket, Sorority Jacket, Greek Jacket, Custom Jacket, Personalized Jacket

Get prepared for fall early with the Fraternity Printed Varsity Jacket.

Like something above? Be sure to get it before the sale ends! Some of the sales end tonight at midnight.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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Graduation Cap Inspiration

Whether you’re excited for your impending graduation walk or dreading joining the real world, your graduation cap is going to need decorating! Something Greek pooled some of our favorite graduation cap designs from Pinterest. Check them out below!

What, like it's hard? - Legally Blonde!

Channel your inner Elle Woods with a “What, like it’s hard?” graduation cap.

Inspire Urself: Graduation Caps | Sorority and Dorm Room Bedding

This studded cap is simple yet fun.

Alpha Phi Graduation Caps

You can’t go wrong with glitter and your letters!

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” might just be one of the best quotes for the imminent possibilities the future holds.

This grad cap was created by one of alum, Karina Gutierrez! She designed it for her twin's graduation a year ago and it has been sweeping Pinterest ever since! You can see her many other amazing crafts at http://www.pinterest.com/xoxkari/simply-krafts/.  Graduation | Sigma Kappa | Decorated mortar board / grad cap ✰ all-american grad ✰

We’re all about this patriotic and lettered graduation cap!

the rest is still unwritten…

We love the chevron and the inspiring quote! We’d just add our letters to the other end of the ribbon.

big bow grad cap

We love the idea of including your motto on your cap!

thanks for the ΦΣΣ memories ♥

You can’t go wrong with flowers, glitter, and letters.

Zeta graduation hat.. Love the coordinating tassel! Blue hat, light blue tassel for KKG

We love the bold colors on this ZTA graduation cap.

Grad Cap Ideas | Graduation Cap Design Ideas

We thought this was a fitting end considering we’re kicking off finals season. May your coffee be strong and your finals painless!

What kind of Greek-inspired decorated graduation cap are you planning? Tag us (@SomethingGreek) in your Instagram picture so we can see! Also, be sure to order your custom Greek graduation stole before time runs out!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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