Do You Have the Sorority It-Factor?

THETA PHI ALPHA - Justice. Wisdom. Loyalty. Faith. Truth. Honor.

I know I’ve written lists recently about how being Greek benefits you in your post-college life, but this time Something Greek wanted to bring you a personal story. Last week, I had an encounter with someone that really proved to me how much being in a sorority shaped me. Let’s call that the sorority it-factor.

I was having lunch with a colleague when she asked me where I get my drive from. I was stumped. This wasn’t the first time someone asked me this question either, so you would think I’d have an answer, but I just gave her an odd look and said “Umm I really don’t know. This is just my personality.” Then she proceeded to tell me how much she admired how well-spoken, professional, and motivated I am considering I’m only 22. This got me thinking– why am I this way? And then it clicked. The reason is my sorority.

Okay, maybe I’m well-spoken because I was an English major, but I really think a lot of my eloquence has to do with standing in hours upon hours of recruitment rounds. You really have to think out what you’re saying when your in a recruitment room. For one, most schools have rules about what you can talk about, and you’re also trying to put your sorority–or just Greek Life in general– in a positive light. That really comes in handy when talking to people at work. Yes, sometimes I don’t agree with other people’s ideas, but as the assistant, you have to know when it’s appropriate to voice that opinion and when it isn’t. I truly think being in round rooms during sorority recruitment has helped me to learn this.

Many people look at fraternity and sorority members as the opposite of professional, but who else do you know on campus who has to attend mandatory leadership conferences? Pretty sure that’s just us Greeks. Also, talking to alumni and student activities professionals forces you to learn a professional demeanor. Not to mention, holding executive positions in a Greek organization–especially president–comes with great responsibility and requires a high level of maturity and professionalism.

It’s kind of hard not to be motivated when you have a full time class schedule, a part time job, an internship, and you’re president of your sorority. Most people in Greek life would get nothing done if they weren’t motivated. We always have so much going on at once. Oh, and we still manage to have fun while doing it.

I always knew I was grateful for my sorority and my sisters, but looking back on my four years now, I can proudly say that I am so appreciative of all the lessons being a part of an amazing sisterhood has taught me. So the next time you start complaining about the long hours standing in heels in a recruitment room or all of the pressure that comes with your fraternity or sorority executive position, remember this: once you graduate, you’ll always be better than the competition simply because you have the sorority it-factor.

-Michelle Giuseffi




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How to Order Your Greek Graduation Stole

Fraternity and Sorority Graduation Stole It’s almost time for that dreaded g-word. Prepare yourself; I’m going to say it. Graduation! If you want to make sure you have your Greek graduation stole in time, we recommend placing your order with Something Greek as soon as possible. Here are some tips and tricks for ordering your stole. 1. Know which kind of stole you’d like to order. We offer three kinds of graduation stoles: Greek Custom Printed Graduation Stole, Greek Graduation Stole with Embroidery, and Greek Graduation Stole with Twill Letters. 2. The Greek Custom Printed Graduation Stole offers the most personalization included in the starting price of the stole. You get your Greek letters, pledge name, and graduation year all for $29.95. Generally, this is also the fastest stole for us to produce. 3. The Greek Graduation Stole with Embroidery is the least expensive ($25.95) and the simplest. For an additional $8, you can add your class and year to the right side of the stole. 4. The Greek Graduation Stole with Twill Letters is the most expensive at $37.95. This includes two inch twill letters on the left side and your class year on the right. 5. Order early. The normal delivery time on each of these stoles is 10-14 business days. We recommend putting a rush on your order if you need it quickly! 6. We have a Greek 24 Hour Custom Printed Stole. If you’ve cut it very close, this is a good option. Please be aware our 24 hour option means that we’ll produce the product in 24 hours. Shipping time is separate. 7. If you’re placing a group custom stole order with customizations that are unique to each stole, we ask that you place your order and then send us a spreadsheet indicating the customization to go on each. Please include your order number, and email your spreadsheet to 8. You can always add customization. Want your pledge name embroidered on the Greek Graduation Stole with Twill letters?  Select the location of your additional embroidery under our customization options. Be sure to specify exactly where you want the additional customization in parentheses after your pledge name in the box that says “Wording to be Embroidered”. As always, if you have any questions about ordering graduation stoles or if you’d rather place your order over the phone, simply give us a call at 1-800-247-3352. And congratulations! -Michelle Giuseffi

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Five Things People Who Don’t Go Greek Will Never Understand

Join, or GDI. TFM.

There are so many benefits of Greek life. There are the life long bonds, fun Friday nights, fulfilling philanthropic work, and so much more. With all of these benefits it seems strange that not everyone goes Greek. Here are the top five things people who don’t go Greek will never understand.

1. The bond between pledge sisters. I cannot think of a topic that I would feel uncomfortable talking to my pledge sisters about. They know everything about me, and I know everything about them.

2. What putting in your dues means (and I’m not talking about those fees you have to pay). At your first job out of college you’ll probably be an assistant, and you’ll probably be doing the work no one else wants to do. The people I know who were in Greek life and went through some sort of new member program understand know that this is just how the world works. My friends that weren’t in Greek life? They constantly complain that they’re jobs aren’t to fold up architectural drawings or make copies. Oh, but technically it is.

3. The excitement that comes with alumni events. My boyfriend wasn’t in a fraternity and he always looks at me weird when I say I’m going to an alumni event for my sorority. When you’re active, you can’t wait to go to those kinds of things, so obviously I’ll be taking advantage now.

4. How crucial it is to win something during Greek Week. My sorority was never very athletic (well, at least while I was active, apparently we used to win Greek Week in its entirety back in the 90s and early  2000s), but when it came to best banner or toga dances we were highly competitive. Sometimes you need a little something to get excited about when the semester is dragging in mid April.

5. The feeling of fresh letters. You know that feeling when you pull your custom sorority shirt out of the package from Something Greek? Those never-worn letters are crisp and screaming to be broken in. Ahh the little things in life.

What else can you think of that people who don’t join Greek life miss out on? This list could probably go on for days, so let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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New Greek Clothing Just in Time for Spring

If you’re on the east coast like us, you’re probably pretty disappointed to hear that it’s supposed to snow yet again this week. Don’t worry, Something Greek has some awesome new fraternity and sorority clothing to keep your Spring spirit up. Here are some of our favorites.

Suns Out Guns Out Printed Fraternity Tank, Fraternity Clothing, Fraternity Tank, Fraternity ShirtWe bet you’re wishing for tank top season like we are. This Suns Out Guns Out Printed Fraternity Tank is a great way to start your summer wardrobe.

Sorority Sisters 4 Life Yoga Pants, Sorority Yoga Pants, Sorority ClothingOur new Sorority Sisters 4 Life Yoga Pants are perfect for your spring yoga class.

Greek iPhone 5 Engraved Bamboo Case with Crest, Greek Phone Case, Fraternity Phone Case, TKE Phone CaseTake your letters everywhere you go with the Greek iPhone 5 Engraved Bamboo Case with Crest.

Sorority Chevron iPhone 5 Engraved Bamboo Case, Sorority Phone Case, Phi Sigma Sigma Phone CaseOur popular chevron design now comes in a phone case: our Sorority Chevron iPhone 5 Engraved Bamboo Case.

Sorority Mascot Pattern Phone Case, Sorority Phone Case, Sigma Kappa Phone Case, Delta Gamma Phone CaseDon’t have an iPhone 5? This Sorority Mascot Pattern Phone Case comes in six phone options

Custom Chevron Sorority Coffee Mug, Sorority Mug, Sorority Coffee Mug, Phi Sigma Sigma Coffee Mug, Alpha Chi Omega Coffee Mug, Pi Beta Phi Coffee MugThat chevron design is now also available in our Custom Chevron Sorority Coffee Mug.

Sorority Embroidered Varsity Letterman Jacket, Sorority Jacket, Custom Letterman Jacket, Phi Sigma Sigma JacketThe Sorority Embroidered Varsity Letterman Jacket has arrived just in time for Spring! Check out the Fraternity Embroidered Varsity Letterman Jacket here.

Fraternity Varsity Jacket - Twill on Back, Fraternity Jacket, Custom Letterman Jacket, Delta Kappa Epsilon JacketWant  more options for your custom letterman Jacket? We also have the Fraternity Varsity Jacket – Twill on Back (for women here) and a version with letters on the front!

Be sure to order your spring Greek clothing items now! Some of these items have special introductory prices that you won’t want to miss.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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Famous Greeks Part XIV

You’re monthly Famous Greeks post from Something Greek is here! Check out these celebrities that rocked letters in college just like you.

Angela Kinsey Sorority, Famous Greeks, Famous Sorority Women

The Office star, Angela Kinsey, is a member of Chi Omega.

Jeremy Piven

Entourage star, Jeremy Piven, is a brother of Pi Kappa Alpha.

In case you needed further proof that sorority girls are superheros, Once Upon a Time‘s Mulan, Jamie Chung, is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell is a member of Sigma Chi.

Ashley Judd is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is a brother of Sigma Chi.

Reba star, Joanna Garcia, is a member of Delta Delta Delta.

jerry rice

Jerry Rice is a brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.

Lo Bosworth Sorority, Famous Greeks, Famous Sorority Women, Famous Kappa Kappa Gamma

You grew up watching her on Laguna Beach, but did you know Lo Bosworth is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma?

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is a brother of Sigma Nu.

We hope you enjoyed this installment of Famous Greeks! Check back next month for your monthly dose of celebrities in fraternities and sororities.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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New Greek Products Especially Made with Your Big/Little in Mind

It’s about that time when new members will start getting their letters which means it’s time for big/little gifts! Something Greek has some great new items just for your big or little.

Big Sis or Lil Sis Engraved Paddle Key Chain, Sorority Key Chain, Big Sis Key Chain, Little Sis Key Chain, Big Little GiftsOur new Big Sis or Lil Sis Engraved Key Chain has a super low introductory price of $2.95. Be sure to get yours before the price goes up!

My Big Loves Me Sorority Mug with Spoon, Sorority Mug, Sorority GiftsThe My Big Loves Me Sorority Mug with Spoon is the perfect gift for your new little.

Big Loves Lil Sorority Coffee Mug - Red and Black, Sorority Mug, Big Little Mug, Sorority GiftsThe Big Loves Lil Sorority Coffee Mug – Red and Black is perfect for drinking hot chocolate on a cold day.

Big Loves Lil Sorority Coffee Mug - Custom Colors, Sorority Mug, Big Lil Mug, Sorority GiftsThe Big Loves Lil Sorority Coffee Mug – Custom Colors is the same design as the mug above, but you get to pick your own colors!

Sorority Big-Lil Car Sticker Pack, Big Lil Gifts, Sorority GiftsThe Sorority Big-Lil Sticker Pack is kind of like those soccer mom stickers, but much cooler!

Sorority Family Tree Car Stickers, Sorority Gifts, Big Lil GiftsWant to represent your entire fam? Check out the Sorority Family Tree Car Stickers!

What do you think of our new big/little products? Would you like to see more big/little items at Something Greek? Let us know on Facebook!

-Michelle Giuseffii

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Our Cheapest Sorority Clothing

If you’re looking for the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to custom Greek clothing, you can’t beat Something Greek‘s closeout items. Our closeout sale items are unique packages that we’ve discounted to the lowest rate you’ll see anywhere Sorority clothing is sold. Below you’ll find some of our favorites, but make sure to get them before they’re gone. These Greek clothing sale packages go fast!

Alpha Chi Omega Clothing, Alpha Chi Omega Sale Items, Alpha Chi Omega Shirt, Alpha Chi Omega Hat, Alpha Chi Omega Water Bottle

Our Alpha Chi Omega Pack 9 includes a t-shirt, hat, water bottle, and key chain. You get all of this for just $42.99!

Delta Gamma Sale Clothing, Cheap Delta Gamma Clothing, Delta Gamma Hat, Delta Gamma T-shirt, American Flag T-shirt

Show your American and sorority pride with the Delta Gamma Pack 2 which is a steal at $29.99.

Zeta Tau Alpha Pack 8, Zeta Tau Alpha Sale Items, Zeta Tau Alpha T-Shirt, Zeta Tau Alpha Big Little Gifts

The Zeta Tau Alpha Pack 8 is the perfect package for Zetas getting a little this semester. Keep one t-shirt, water bottle, and coin purse for yourself, and give your little the others!

Sigma Sigma Sigma Pack 3, Tri Sigma Sweatshirts, Tri Sigma Crewnecks, Tri Sigma Sale Items

Two Tri Sigma Crewnecks and a photo album for just $43.95? You’ll need to hurry to get our Sigma Sigma Sigma Pack 3 before your sisters!

Alpha Kappa Alpha Pack 1, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sale Clothing, Alpha Kappa Alpha Apparel


This Alpha Kappa Alpha Pack 1 includes two pairs of sweatpants and a pillowcase for just $45.95!

Chi Omega Pack 2, Chi Omega Sale Items, Cheap Chi Omega Clothing


Consider this Chi Omega Pack 2 your little’s starter kit. It has two shirts, a sweatshirt, a coin purse, and a notebook all for $41.99.

Gamma Phi Beta Pack 11, Gamma Phi Beta Clothing, Gamma Phi Beta Sale Clothing, Cheap Gamma Phi Beta Clothing


If you’re in Gamma Phi Beta and you like bright colors, then Gamma Phi Beta Pack 11 is perfect for you!

Zeta Phi Beta Pack 1, Cheap Zeta Phi Beta Clothing, Zeta Phi Beta Sale, Zeta Phi Beta Clothing


For just a little bit more than the normal cost of these sweatpants, you get sweatpants, a pillowcase, photo holders, and two notepads in Zeta Phi Beta Pack 1.

Sigma Lambda Gamma Pack 1, Sigma Lambda Gamma Sale, Sigma Lambda Gamma ClothingThis Sigma Lambda Gamma Pack 1 is another great starter pack at just $29.99.

Alpha Delta Pi Pack 5, Alpha Delta Pi clothing, Alpha Delta Pi bag, Cheap Alpha Delta Pi ClothingIf you’re in Alpha Delta Pi and you’re a Panthers fan, you better scoop up this Alpha Delta Pi Pack 5 immediately!

If you like an item above, don’t wait! These packages will be gone fast!

-Michelle Giuseffi



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10 Ways the New Member Education Process Will Benefit You in the Future

haha I love this. too bad I never had pledge sisters. But my "sis" and Big and Little have totally seen me like this

Sometimes being a new member can be difficult, but as we’re sure you’ve heard before, going through this process is completely worth it. Something Greek has compiled 10 of the best benefits of new member education.

1. You basically just met your future bridesmaids. I can honestly say that no one knows me better than my pledge sisters. Your bond with the people you go through new member education with is a very special one.

2. Someday knowing the Greek alphabet will come in handy. For example, knowing the Greek alphabet is essential for working at Something Greek.

3. You get to meet your school’s Greek community. When I went through the new member education process, we had Emerging Greek Member meetings every Wednesday. Meeting people in other organizations now will be super helpful when you become social chair or (gasp) president in a few years.

4. You’ll have a new mentor. Your new member educator will become like your mom– only cooler.

5. Being a new member prepares you for being an assistant in the real world one day. You’re told what to do, when to be at specific places, and you learn a ton!

6. You’ll learn how to get to lots of places around campus. Whether it’s places to hold meetings or where all of the Greeks on campus hang out, you’re sure to learn a lot about navigating your campus.

7. You’ll probably perfect the art of crafting. Some sororities glitter, others makes paddles. Personally, I learned how to make a mean pillow.

8. You’ll perfect the art of multitasking because you won’t have time to waste a second.

9. You’ll get really good at writing your own words to popular songs. You know, in case that ever comes in handy later.

10. You’ll remember the memories you made these few weeks your entire lives. It’s the best time you’ll never want to have again.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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How to Order the Perfect Sweatshirt for Your New Little

So you want to order the perfect matching sweatshirts for you and your perfect new little? Maybe you should call Something Greek. Oh, it’s 3am? No worries! Follow these steps to perfection.

Step 1: Select our Fraternity 2 Hooded Sweatshirt Special from the menu on the left hand side of Select your sweatshirt color, size, letter color/pattern, border color (if applicable) and then repeat for your little’s sweatshirt. Write out your organization in the box, and click “Add to Cart.”

Fraternity 2 Hooded Sweatshirt Package, Sorority 2 Hooded Sweatshirt Package, Greek 2 Hooded Sweatshirt PackageStep 2: Click on the blue “customization” tab at the top of the website, and select the location for your desired customization. I’m going to suggest embroidering your names on the right sleeves, so we’ll click on “Additional Embroidery-Right Sleeve”. Then, choose your embroidery color and embroidery font, and write out the wording you would like to be embroidered. Make sure that you indicate which garment you want this embroidery to go on. For example, if your little’s sweatshirt is a small, you can write “(on small)” next to the wording to go on your little’s sweatshirt. If both sweatshirts are the same size, you can just write “(on first sweatshirt).” Click “Add to Cart” and then repeat for your sweatshirt.

Want each sweatshirt to indicate who’s the big and who’s the little? You will need to change the quantity at the bottom to 2 for two lines of embroidery. Then, you can write something like, “Line 1: Michelle’s Line 2: Little.”

Additional Embroidery, Personalized Sweatshirts, Personalized Big Little SweatshirtsStep 3: Want to add your pledge classes on the left sleeve? Select “Additional Twill Letters- Left Sleeve” from the Customization menu. Select your twill letter color and twill border color (if applicable). Be sure to write out the English word(s) of the Greek letter(s) you want. So, if we continue with our example, you could write “Gamma Pi (on small)” for your little’s sweatshirt. Hit “Add to Cart” and repeat for your sweatshirt.

Now all you have to do is hit checkout, and you’ve created the perfect, personalized sweatshirts for you and your little!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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10 Ways to Craft with Mason Jars

So you’ve just gotten a new little… congrats! The next thing you’ll need are a basket of crafts to present her with when she finds out that you’re her big. I’ve always been a big fan of cheap-to-make, useful crafts, so I’ve compiled a list of 10 awesome things to do with mason jars, Something Greek-style!

Reasons your little loves you mason jar #sorority #crafts #frat #diy

This is a little hard to see, but this glittery mason jar says “reasons your little loves you.” You can make one that says “reasons your big loves you” and fill it with little pieces of paper with all the reasons your little is perfect.

Big/Little Sorority DATE ideas (when you don't see each other for a while and have some catching up to do).

Paint and glitter a mason jar for you and your little, and you’ll get a gift for yourself too!

Theta inspired mason jar mug! dip Q-tips in acrylic paint to make the dots, then put the finished product in a cold oven for 30 mins. while it's preheating to 350 degrees (this seals the paint). substitute your own sorority colors for an easy and inexpensive craft :)

One of my favorite ways to decorate crafts has always been polka dots in my sorority’s colors. Super easy, but super cute.

Mason Jar Manicure Kit #sorority

Another favorite activity of mine– besides crafting, of course– is painting my nails. Decorate a mason jar and stuff it with cotton balls, a nail file, nail polish, and remover.

DIY lilly mason jar #Sorority #Crafts

What’s better than a Lily inspired printed mason jar? Beware, this one is for the advanced crafter!

Sorority gift jars

Tie on some ribbon in your colors and fill it with cookies or M&Ms in your colors for a sweet big/little treat.

Phi Mu Crafts - canvas & mason jar cup

I love the idea of making a hole in the top of the mason jar to make it a to-go cup! Learn how to make the hole for the straw here.

We had a sisterhood where we decorated mason jars and wrote each other positive notes #MasonJars @Sorority Please

This monogrammed mason jar with lace, flowers, and pearls is so pretty! You could even use it as a jewelry box–err– jar.

Simple Pi Phi Jar w/ Beautiful Arrow

This Pi Beta Phi mason jar is simple and cute. Just sub in your colors and symbol.

Lily print mason jar, great for any sorority sister!

Add a candlestick to give your Lily-inspired mason jar some height.

Do you have your own awesome mason jar creation? Send it to us on Facebook and maybe we’ll feature it in a future blog post!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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